Safeco makes it a priority to deliver the best integration services in the NYC area. Thats why we only use the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the market today. We work one on one with the best manufacturers in the security industry to better serve our customers and their security needs. Below are some of the services we offer to better enhance the security in your home and/or business.




The access control system is an electronic lock system that safeguards against unauthorized entry to the client’s facility. It enables the management of readers and cardholders, controlling access from a central location. The system sets up a standard keypad password input model or may utilize biometric signatures such as thumbprints or iris scans to identify authorized visitors to the client’s building.






In information technology, biometrics is used as a form of identity access management and control. It is used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance by reading their unique body features. It has been touted as a way to strengthen domestic security at places ranging from homes to supermarkets to nuclear power plants.








The surveillance camera is one of the most indispensable security devices. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores. It enables 24/7 real-time virtual security patrol, enabling monitoring of your location via internet protocol to record events, investigate incidents, retrieve and review details by time and date, and most importantly provide emergency assistance immediately should an unfortunate event transpire.





Our covert camera solutions are ideal for hidden surveillance in the home or at the office. We specialize in hidden cctv cameras that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Our indoor, outdoor, wired and wireless hidden cameras are easy to use, discreet, and come with the latest upgrades. 






The DVR is a device that records video in a digital format to a storage drive. With the necessary software, the device can provide recording storage for many years, enabling playback of video to and from a disk, wherein image retrieval is instantaneously searchable. Combined with the CCTV, the DVR system offers differing video qualities, performance options, and may be supplemented with features such as motion-detection and e-mail alerts.





Security for your home or business is two-fold; protection is required and peace of mind is indispensable. Annually, larceny and vandalism cause tremendous financial losses that could be precluded with an installation of an alarm monitoring system. This type of security system is invaluable when it comes to safeguarding your client’s information and to stop the loss of merchandise and equipment.





The Safeco Monitoring Service helps ensure your safety by monitoring alarm activity and your well being. Our monitoring center confirms an incident has occurred by using a state of the art false alarm prevention system. If an incident has occurred our monitoring staff will contact the local authorities to respond to your location and provide the necessary assistance. Safeco Monitoring Service is available to clients who use our services and products.