DVR 31, H.264 Digital Video Recorder, Dual-Streaming


The TruVision™ DVR 31 (TVR 31) features upgraded hardware, larger storage configurations, and new firmware that provides better file structure and support for S.M.A.R.T. HDDs than previous models. The TVR 31 is also supported by mobile applications for remote viewing and access of archived video. A user-friendly interface and more than a month of hard disk recording make the TVR 31 easy to install, use and maintain. Users can efficiently view, record, and play back recorded highquality video that is transmitted based on alarms, events and recording attributes like schedules. For added convenience, users can configure the DVR, view live video or search and play back video through the IR remote control, mouse, front-panel buttons or the remote browser.


A cost-effective surveillance solution, the TVR 31 features H.264 video compression technology that allows users to save high-quality images into smaller file sizes for easier storage and streaming over an Ethernet network. Any range of recorded video can be easily copied to a blank recordable CD or DVD and played back without installing any software on the playback PC.


Up to 16 channels of audio can be recorded for applications requiring audio which is played in sync with video. The dual-streaming feature makes it easier to transmit video and audio over lowbandwidth networks.


The TVR 31 is a fit-and-forget solution, with a simple search function for reviewing video. External alarm inputs and motion detection trigger an alarm when movement in a user-definable area of the image is detected. The feature set includes complete search by alarm, motion, and time and date. Video evidence is easily archived to an external device connected through a USB 2.0 port—and because USB 2.0 is hot-swappable, an external device can be connected at any time. Transferring video information is quick and easy, as the TVR 31 creates a file that can be viewed by any PC with a TVR 31 player, making it ideal for retail, education, police interview rooms and small commercial applications.

DVR 60 Real-time H.264 Hybrid Digital Video Recorder


The TruVision™ DVR 60 (TVR 60) offers real-time recording with H.264 compression and live-mode, dual streaming functionality for efficient bandwidth utilization and network performance in multiple network environments. Delivering hybrid capability for an easy migration from DVRs to NVRs, the TVR 60 can store, display live, search and transmit analog or IP video from up to 24 cameras.


With up to 12TB of internal storage this DVR accommodates high-resolution video and can be configured for redundant recording across multiple drives. The SlotDrive DVD adds reliability due to less wear and tear when inserting media. 


Although the recorder delivers powerful features, it remains easy to use with a convenient setup wizard for standard applications. Other ease-of-use features include one button archive methodology that facilitates quick and simple export of evidence clips.


Even more powerful management is supported by the license-free TruVision Navigator software, allowing for management of unlimited devices. The intuitive Web browser interface also enables remote configuration and secure viewing from Internet-connected computers.