Cloud Powered Video Surveillance

Smartvue makes the world a safer place with amazing video surveillance technologies that are elegantly simple. Here is how the Smartvue solution is different:


  • Unfied Hardware/VMS Software/Cloud Solution
  • Browser-Based Linux Appliances
  • Cross Platform Apple/Windows Interfaces
  • Automated 250+ Camera Conguration
  • Plug-and-Play Cloud Configuration
  • Point and Click Video Sharing and Cloud Backup
  • Simple Enterprise Server/Camera Management
  • Intuitive and Elegant Web Browser Interfaces
  • Cost Eective Systems and Licensing
  • Robust/Award Winning Mobile/Tablet Apps

How Smartvue Works...

How Smartvue Works on Your Network:


  • Smartvue S9 surveillance servers work on almost any network or hardware infrastructure.
  • Integrated second gigabit network for cameras reduce network stress and increase security.
  • Point and click cloud registration makes remote video management easy - all without using static IP addresses and complex network settings.
  • Cloudvue services automatically optimize delivery of remote live and recorded video based on connection speed (from 100k to gigabit upload).
  • High resolution video is stored locally on S9 server and optionally in the Sharevue archive.
  • Smartvue supports one to thousands of servers and cameras from any location worldwide.