TruVision™ Navigator v4 represents the latest advancement in video management software. This single application delivers centralized and remote video management capabilities combined with backward compatibility to accommodate legacy and TruVision DVRs and NVRs. Ideal for LAN or WAN applications, TruVision Navigator v4 is well suited for any application incorporating multiple sites and cameras:


• Schools

• Retail stores

• Transportation

• Entertainment venues

• Homeland security and public safety

• Geographically dispersed organizations


From a single, easy-to-use and reliable GUI, administrators can remotely configure users/groups, DVRs with analog cameras, NVRs with IP cameras and monitor thousands of video surveillance components. At any time, from any location, operators can costeffectively provide accurate and timely security response. Backed by Client/Server architecture, TruVision Navigator v4 is a fully scalable solution that can support applications ranging from enterprise IT environments down to small, stand-alone systems.




• Backward and forward compatibility to protect investment in legacy equipment

• Flexible technology, with analog and IP compatibility to meet current and future needs

• Scalable software architecture from enterprise IT to stand-alone systems

• Remote client software distribution alleviates need to ship media

• Centralized administration reduces administrative workload and security risk

• Health diagnostic service automatically polls for data to maintain constant system uptime

• Device notifications aid in proper tracking and expedite issue resolution

• Remote device configuration reduces administration time and costly site visits

• Scheduled tasks take place during low-bandwidth hours to optimize network capacity during peak-demand times

• 75-up, multi-site, multi-monitor feature integrates all recording platforms in a single video display

• Custom views allow for user-specified groupings of video streams to deliver the right video at the right time

• Network Time Protocol (NTP) service keeps all system devices synchronized with appropriate time and date

• Evidence Player plays exported video with a max 9-up display, print and snapshot capability, synchronous playback, timeline search, and full-screen mode