Safeco provides an array of specialist services including: one on one with active/retired joint law enforcement partners including an Asset Protection Service, Executive Body Guard Service (armed/unarmed), Business Security Guard Service, and an Electronic Discovery Service. Please read more about our Specialist Services below.

Security Guard Service

Safeco provides a classic security guard service with retired law enforcement partners for building security. We work one on one with building management to assess their physical security needs and to place our highly trained guards in the most vulnerable areas. All security contracts are reasonably priced and security guards go through a thorough background investigation prior to hiring. 


Executive Body-Guard Service (Armed/Unarmed)

Safeco works one on one with current and retired law enforcement officers to provide an armed/unarmed body guard service that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each security facility or special event.


Electronic Discovery Service (Hidden camera detection services)

As technology advances, hidden cameras are becoming harder and harder to detect. Camera-detecting apps can make the search easier, but even those are prone to failure, as any collection of reviews for such an app will tell you. Safeco possesses the expertise and specialized equipment to determine if your house, office or car is bugged and someone is monitoring you. We operate with complete discretion and ensure that all areas of your property are searched for hidden cameras. Our counter surveillance experts will advise you on the search for spying devices and what can be done once bugging equipment is located. Call us today for a free quote on hidden surveillance detection services.


Asset Protection Service

The asset protection service is a specialized consulting area that Safeco employs to secure property, facilities, and equipment.  Included in our protection services are:

  • Computers
  • Inventory Control in stock room
  • Monitors location of audio, video equipment, and supplies
  • Links equipment to employee ID badges
  • Tracks IT